Come See the Emerald Isle

Behold Breath taking views of an
active volcano, enjoy the tranquility
of our unique black sand beaches,
snorkel and/or dive our reefs, take
a hike in our rain forest...

All our tours our exclusive and times
are arranged for what best suits you and
those traveling with you.

Come and experience Montserrat!

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Tour Packages

Day of Discovery - $65.00USD per person
  • Drive to the outlook of our buried airport
  • view the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic
  • visit a sugar mill
  • see our new town
  • stroll through the museum
  • become an expert in andesite volcanoes
  • tour the MVO
  • adventure through our modern day Pompeii
  • see our volcano from all possible vantage points!
Sun will escort you everywhere you would like to go along with sharing his passion for his island home. After being involved in the making and filming of the Price of Paradise video productions along with monitoring the seismicity at the MVO he will share his immense knowledge of andesite volcanoes, give you the facts on the events of our Soufriere Hills Volcano, and share many heartfelt stories of living here and experiencing it all.

This tour lasts 6-7 hours, and it is fabulous way to visit Montserrat for a day or to begin your holiday. In addition to the regular guided tour Sun will show you other points of interest at your request.

The tour includes MVO admission, museum admission complimentary drinks and door to door service from your accommodations. Lunch is not included, however you can stop at a restaurant of your choice midway through the tour.
Modern Day Pompeii Adventure - $40.00 USD per person

Tour the Montserrat Volcano Observatory (MVO) and capture breathtaking views of our volcano. You will also venture through the Belham Valley, which has filled with over 25+ feet of volcanic debris since the beginning of the eruptions from ongoing lahars that accumulate and come down the valley during rain storms. Ride into Richmond Hill to view our modern day Pompeii. See the remnant of our capital city in its a surreal form at a safe distance.

This tour lasts 3-4 hours. Price includes complimentary drinks, MVO admission, and door to door service from your accommodations.
Budget Tour - $30.00 per person

This tour is for those either on a budget or on a strict schedule. This trip lasts about 1.5-2 hours into the outskirts of the buried city. This tour is short and the schedule will be kept strictly. The tour includes door to door service from your accommodations

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